Fiona's 8-week mindfulness course is without a doubt the best thing.I have ever done for my mental health.  The modern world is full of distractions and stressors.  Following Fiona's 8-week course I feel far better able to navigate the stressful events in my life without feeling overwhelmed.  Two years on from the course I have gone from strength to strength all thanks to the foundation I built with Fiona's help.  I now live a far happier and more mindful life and couldn't be more grateful for everything I learned on this course..

I was absolutely delighted to have completed Fiona’s Mindful Teaching Course.  It came at a good time for me, I had just retired from work and badly needed to slow down my over-active mind and built-up stress and strain. The tools and techniques, simple but very effective, which I was introduced to, continue to help my calmness and awareness, to let go, let be and, to face difficulties.  They also allow me to better appreciate and be grateful for my wonderful family, friends and life.  I continue to participate in regular Mindfulness All Day sessions on completion of each new Mindful Teaching Course. These All Days are hugely supportive of, and are a great extension to, the 8 week Mindful Teaching Course.

Excellently organized and wonderfully & sensitively facilitated and delivered.  Thank you, Fiona.

William J. Lynch – Senior Account Manager, CX Oracle.
For anyone seeking to practice Brain Training & Emotional Resilience, I would enthusiastically recommend both the BE course and Fiona as a teacher. You are probably aware of the many, proven scientific benefits of being present  and brain training - increased focus, reduced anxiety and enhanced productivity. The challenge in learning a new skill is to cultivate a habit and to learn about the topic in an accessible way. Fiona’s knowledge in this area is hugely impressive. You can take comfort knowing that you are safe in the hands of a master.  Having dabbled in awareness practices for years, it was not until I attended Fiona’s course that I had a “a-ha moment’"and everything clicked into place. As a result I feel more present, more engaged, less anxious, I sleep better and I get more done during the day.  I have also had my best two months in sales during my career in Oracle to date and this is surely no co-incidence!"
Richard Bohan Martin
I attended my first MBSR 8 week programme with Fiona in May 2019. My interest in Mindfulness grew through the programme and the benefits I've experienced were largely due to the space that Fiona created for our group. She combines deep knowledge of the practice with skill while always showing true compassion, empathy and humour when its needed! I am now very grateful to have Fiona as my teacher on the MBI Masters in UCD. She is someone who I trust and I continue to learn and grow with her guidance